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Through Sports Values

IES El Burgo de Las Rozas

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The IES EL Burgo de Las Rozas is a bilingual Secondary School located in a medium-high income area in the Northwestern town of Las Rozas in Madrid. We have around one thousand students but try to fit the needs for all types of pupils. We have Excellence Programs for students with high intellectual potential, vocational studies in IT and qualification programs for students with risk of dropping out of school and special needs.

We have bilateral exchange programs with Denmark, UK, Germany, Finland, France and India, to strengthen the international dimension of our school and many after school activities that include sports, music, foreign languages, debates and a school choir. We think that students learn best when they are happy and valued; supported, challenged and encouraged, so we take care to ensure our students’ education is both enriching and enjoyable. Academic excellence is at the heart of our school, but we nurture equally creativity, personal and physical development, independence and inquiring minds. All students are individuals, and there can be no single pathway that all must be compelled to tread. Consequently, we endeavour to build a personal curriculum that will draw upon the raw talent and energy that students bring with them to help them achieve personal success. We aim to be truly a 21st Century school, concerned not just with what our students learn, but with how they learn, and how they grow in confidence, independence and critical thinking. We encourage our students to become responsible European citizens with cultural and international awareness.

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