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Escolas Pdr. Ant. Martins de Oliveira

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Brief description of the partner organisation

ESPAMOL – Escola Secundária Padre António Martins de Oliveira, it’s a public school aggregation of medium size, with about 1790 students from the pre-school up to high school (12th grade). It’s placed in the heart of western Algarve, in Lagoa, between Portimão and Silves. Lagoa, is a county with about 89 Km2, crossed by the principal Algarve routes (EN 125 e Via do Infante – A 22) and has 6 small towns ( Lagoa, Carvoeiro, Porches, Estombar, Parchal e Ferragudo). Lagoa is the county town fill with contrasts and great landscape diversity whose natural potentiality gives much to the present economic structure.

ESPAMOL is a group of schools that includes one high school, one basic school, 3 primary schools and 3 pre-schools

In the county there is also a private school that absorve most of the upper class and middle class students, therefore most of the attending students of our school come from 3 deprived social neighborhoods with severe basic needs.

There are also many foreigner students that demands from the school an efford to integrate all diferent cultures and to maximise human resources through specific educational support for this students, partucularly in Portuguese language.

The diversity of students and cultures are of great value to all the school aggregation and respective educational community.

The high school ESPAMOL is the main school of the school aggregation and it’s localized on a periphery area, surround by green land and housing estate. It has a typology T33 with five building. Beside the regular classes it has several specific rooms, a resource center, an auditorium, a library, a sports pavilion, an open air sports area, and the administrative offices.

With 25 years old, the building needs some profound remodelling to face the requirements of the modern times.

ESPAMOL, has been developing the professional teaching for the past years, trying to face the needs and aspirations of the community and students. In this field of expertise it has developed courses of Sports management; Restaurant/Bar; Children’s care; Gardening; Aesthetic - beauty and cosmetic and Computer technology expertise.

Activities and Experience of the Organization

For the past four years, ESPAMOL, has been developing the Sports management Professional Course. This is a three years course that finish with a professional internship and with the presentation of a final project for their professional skills assessment test related to sports that may include the organization of a sports event of any kind.

This course approaches several areas in sports management such as Marketing, Legislation, Planning, Equipment and Infrastructure Maintenance, developing projects, and so on.

This project would be a perfect way for our students to develop such competences and for them to apply all of the contents that are given in the course in a real context, making the course even more appealing and meaningful.

We have specialized teachers in the sports and management fields that have followed this course from the beginning and we have been working in partnership with Lagoa city council, the adjacent city councils of Portimão and Silves, and with some private business such as gymnasiums and Sport teams.

We also have worked with the Regional Sports Education, supporting some regional sports events.

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