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Molde kommune - Bergmo

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Bergmo Ungdomsskole is in Molde on the west coast of Norway. It is a small town with 25 000 inhabitants, and it is the administrative center of the region. Bergmo Ungdomsskole is a general lower secondary school with app. 300 students from the age of 13 to the age of 16. There is a strong tradition in the Norwegian school system to include disadvantaged students in the ordinary school system. That means that we focus on adapting the school curriculum to suite each student based on their abilities. Another area of focus is the connection between physical activity and the mental capacity of the brain. We try to stimulate to physical activity amongst the students and believe that their achievements in school benefits from that.

Sport, Physical Activity and Physical Education is an area of interest for our school. We are not focused on developing top athletes, but to develop an environment in which students with interest for sports can be physically active. About half of our students choose a voluntary subject called Physical Activity. Here they can be physically active, experience the joy of being active in different sports, and in periods practice their sport. It is a fact that quite a few of our students become top athletes. At the present we have former students competing at the highest level in several sports, including alpine skiing, football, and athletics. I don’t think that our school is the reason they succeed, but I think we contribute to give them inspiration and motivation to try to reach their potential.

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