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Istituto Tecnico Superiore Carlo Rosselli

Photo of school

The school is located in the western suburbs of the municipality of Genova, in the north of Italy. This area has had a great development in the last few years. A lot of popular buildings have been built increasing the number of inhabitants. There are about six hundred students in the school divided in two parts of the town. The main seat is in a modern buiding not very far from the city centre and the smaller one is an old orphanage, with only five classes, in a small village, called Voltri, in front of the seaside.

It is a vocational commercial, turistic and technical school. The school has organized supplementary activities for years in order to offer the students opportunities for deepening and enrichment that aren't available in the territory. We have a special need department that takes students with both physical and mental disabilities. The school organization is set up to give as many students as possible experiences that they would not otherwise have.

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