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EDUCAnet Brno school is situated in a quiet part of Brno – it is the 2nd largest city and it is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic. EDUCAnet Brno is a part of a secondary school network which consists of four other schools in different cities of the Czech Republic.

EDUCAnet Brno is a small school with about 70 students and 12 teachers. The school provides compulsory education in the field of economics and information technology (IT) and prepares students for university studies and working in IT or economic institutions. Our students are used to working with the latest technological devices and gadgets. All our teachers incorporate innovative methodology and interesting teaching methods into their lessons. Since the school is really small, the atmosphere is very friendly. Teachers, parents and students use a unique e-learning system not only to see the study materials, check marks or attendance but they can also use it to communicate with the teachers or other students.

Our students have also many opportunities to spend some time with their classmates even outside school as the school organizes a get-to-know course, skiing course, end-of-the-year trip and various field trips and educational tours in the Czech Republic and also abroad every year.

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